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Training Testimonials


“ Tim’s presentation is totally fascinating and interesting. He had us captivated start to finish. And we learned so much about human potential. I had no idea NLP offered so much. It has certainly expanded my Model Of The World.” VK


“  I am very pleased with the training I received and also the training support. It’s amazing. When I was in the midst of a really tough sale, I thought I should call on Mr. Marshall to seek his advice and find out how to better apply what I learned during my NLP training. Once I contacted him, he instantly sprung into action coaching me on exactly what I needed to say and how to say it, as well as what to do during my next meeting. When I asked him how much for his help he said, “No charge.” That advice was part of what the lifetime phone and email support that I automatically receive once I got NLP certified at the live training and got the Self-Study Program.  Many thanks ” OG


“ Mind-blowing. After a few hours of initial training, I'm already starting to integrate NLP techniques into every personal interaction. They're quite powerful and easy to grasp. ”  MT, LCSW


“ It was great!! NLP is so fascinating and powerful. Time Line Therapy is just one part of it. Love it!! I recommend everyone to come… and check it out. “ MK


“ Outstanding presenter. Good energy and amazing people. Loved it, and really learned a lot. Highly recommend it ”   SV


“ Very informative and effective despite the relatively short time frame. Tim is obviously very knowledgable on the subject and workings of NLP. ”   JC


“ It was my first NLP lesson ever. Tim Marshal is a great warm person who has a very charismatic personality. For sure I'll continue attending NLP lessons with him… Also, the group was diverse and very interesting. I'm so thankful for this great opportunity. “ YA


“ Thanks, Tim. Thanks everyone else. I enjoyed our time together learning a little more about how my mind works and how to help others create change in their lives. ”  JM


“ This is a really effective program. It’s was hard to believe that people could actually be ready to coach others after only 7 days of training. Great instruction and coaching from 2 eminently qualified, effective instructors makes this a reality. I can't say enough for the program. “ WCS


“ This class far exceeded my expectations of what changes I could experience in only 2 days. “  HL


“ Great presenters. “ BP



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