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NLP Practitioner Self-Study Program


This 18+ hour CD NLP Practitioner training collection, training manual and text book are designed specifically to ease creating strong Practitioners. Excellent for pre-study, you can use it to prepare to attend the live NLP Practitioner Training and Certification. As well it's an awesome reference and resource if you're already certified that lasts a lifetime.


In this collection Master NLP Trainer Dr. Tad James prepares you with all the techniques you need to attend the Live Training and Certification. He gives you the mind-set to be the best practitioner you can be.


In addition, you get the Practitioner Training and Certification Manual (150 pages, not shown) plus The User's Manual for The Brain that are used in the live certification training.


Purchase today, and Get a 100% credit toward our live NLP Practitioner Certification Training.




NLP Master Practitioner Self Study Program


This 25+ hour CD collection plus training manual and text book exemplify the most comprehensive NLP Master Practitioner Self-Study program available anywhere.


Discover Quantum Linguistics and the most advanced Values Training available in NLP today. Also discover Metaprograms, Quantum Physics, Adv Submodalities, Advanced Parts Integration, Modeling plus Training using the 4mat System and more.


This very special training is presented to you by Master NLP Trainers, Drs. Tad and Adriana James. On top of the most comprehensive Master Practitioner techniques, you will hear how two trainers (one male, one female) complement each other in a very exciting, supportive way.


Additionally, you get the Master Practitioner Training and Certification Manual (192 pages, not shown) plus The User's Manual for The Brain-II. A real value!!!






NLP Trainers Training Self Study Program


This Self Study Program is one of the best trainer’s trainings in the business. It appeals to everyone who gives training, demonstrations or presentations. This DVD audio set plus text book is the model for virtually every other trainer’s training in the field. This material can substantially improve your skills as a public speaker. This is really the NLP trainer’s training that started it all. Created by Dr. Tad James.


  -- Audience

The Training Process

Training Design and Logistics

Group Rapport

Opening and Closing Metaphors

Framing and K-A-V Sequencing

Satir Categories


  -  Technique

The 4MAT System

Using Peripheral Vision

Handling Questions

Using Hypnotic Language and the Milton Model

Stage and Voice Anchoring


  -- You

Your Energy and Emotional State

Letting Go of Negative Emotions


  -- Your Business

Selling Yourself as a Trainer

Marketing Planning

Introductory Seminars

Demonstrations and Presentations


Presenting Magically (text book)

In this book, Tad James, MS, PhD shares the “secrets” of his more than 21 years of teaching the NLP Trainer’s Training and empowering NLP Trainers to be the best they can be. Want to make Magical Presentations? This is the book!


Ever wondered how people that have presented to you have had you enthralled by a their masterful presenter & training style? Have you always wanted to be able to effortlessly entertain and motivate your audience or students just like some of the great presenters and trainers? It was believed that such captivating performances were only possible if you were one of the fortunate, “natural-born” presenters.


However, with the use of advanced human communication technologies such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Accelerated Learning process, everyone can learn to present magically. Even if you are a newcomer or a seasoned professional presenter, this book sets out to provide you with easy to master tips and techniques that will transform your presenting skills. Learn the secrets of many of the world’s top presenters, this book will cover:


• how to adopt and change your beliefs and attitudes to become a master presenters

• how to enable you to be calm, balanced and centered

• how to have a incredible connection with your audience and students

• how to change and structure your language and the way you talk for optimum effect

• how to deal with hecklers

• how to use metaphor to engage your audience

• how to best use gesture to access the unconscious mind of the participant

• how to use and own the stage

• how to elicit and use states in your audience and anchor them

• how to structure presentations to fit everyone’s different learning style

• how to grab the audience’s attention – and keep it throughout



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