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NLP Practitioner Certification Training


Great. I love it. The exercises were just what I was looking for. I can not wait for the next one...

Susan G., Corporate Trainer


Course Overview


Can you envision yourself providing awe-inspiring value to others, as you guide them to achieve exceptional joy in their lives?


Join the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and you'll be able to quickly deepen your relationships that will help you and those around you achieve their goals and desires. Master the ability to inspire others to change bad thoughts, feelings and habits into useful, new ones. Create lasting change for both yourself and others.


What You'll Receive

• Fast paced, collaborative and dynamic workshop style training ,
• Training in both Classic and New Code NLP,
• A profound personal transformation in just 10 intensive days,

• NLP Training Manual and textbook,

• NLP Practitioner and Timeline Resolution Certifications,

• Repeat privilege as a training assistant, (Must earn certification and acquire NLP Self-Study Program.)

• Receive one-on-one Follow-up Support. (Must earn certification and acquire NLP Self-Study Program.)


Interpersonal Communication

Quickly deepen your relationships through establishing magnetizing unconscious rapport. Augment your influence and persuasiveness with superior body language and language skills.


Personal Growth and Development

Master the ability to inspire others to change bad thoughts, feelings and habits into useful, new ones:


- Go from Procrastination/Stuck into personal growth mode leading to High Performance and Success.

- Transform Poor and Broke into uber abundance while being happy with self.

- Start dating again. Open up to having the relationship(s) of your dreams.

- Turn almost any Fear into powerful Self Confidence.

- Create prideful innocence where shame or embarrassment once existed.

- Go from Sad and Unhappy into Joy.

- Turn painful, hurtful memories into feelings of exuberance and comfort.

- Create Inner Peacefulness from Anger and Anxiety.

- Traumatic memories turn into self-empowerment.


Classic and New Code NLP

Learn both the classic NLP (taught in other schools) plus New Code NLP. New Code comprises the newest developments as created by NLP co-founder John Grinder. New Code deepens the change process making it longer-lasting, faster and more effective.


The NLP Self Study program (optional) complements your live-training experience with pre-study CD’s, textbook and training manual. After training, it re-enforces your understandings for years to come. As well, its purchase and qualifying for certification enable you to repeat future live-trainings as a training assistant. Plus you qualify for lifetime support.


Resolution's Certification Training is open to everyone who wants to create change, regardless of prior experience. You will be joined by many people from different professions, countries and cultures.


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