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I really enjoy Tim's training. His exper-ience really shows. As he knows a lot and breaks it all down so people can see the light.


M. W., PsyD

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification Training


Course Overview

For thousands of years Hypnosis has been used to help induce rapid personal development and growth in individuals and groups as well as for entertainment.


How good would it feel to see yourself help people make life-changing personal improvements in just a few sessions:?


  -  Become masters of the public podium from stage fright;

  -  Turn stress and anxiety into inner peace;

  -  Eat healthy and exercise while reducing weight;

  -  Live tobacco-free lifestyles;

  -  Successfully manage their emotions, e.g. fear, sadness, pain, guilt, anger.


With a history dating back over four-thousand years, Hypnosis remains one of the most powerful means of affecting personal improvement, as used by nearly all cultures.


Hypnosis Training That People Love

Join Resolution NLP & Hypnosis. Enjoy live training, as you learn in an exciting, hands-on experience. Make valuable new  connections with others in the Hypnosis/NLP/Psychology/Coaching community. Our events attract a diverse mix of trainees from all over the globe, industries and careers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that's conducive to learning. Complimentary tea adn coffee are provided throughout the training.


What You Will Learn

1. Pre-talk and testing client suggestibility.

2. Hypnosis practices of 3 masters in the field: Estabrooks, Elman and Erickson

3. Mind/Body communication – ideo-motor signals

4. Full Body Catalepsy

5. Deepening methods


To Summarize, You Get

1. 5 eye-opening days of Live Training by a certified Hypnosis trainer and Hypnotherapist with over 30 years of Hypnosis experience,

2. Hands-on exercises,

3. Jaw-dropping Live Demonstrations,

4. Follow-up support that helps guide you to become successful in your own business

5. Hypnosis Training Manual

6. Textbook: Hypnosis A Comprehensive Guide

7. Complete the certification requirements, and get your Hypnotherapist certification as recognized by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.


Training is located in downtown Chicago where you can enjoy convenient transportation plus a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, exciting venues, nightclubs, bars and special event locations.

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