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Change Your Life

Let go of thoughts and feelings from the past that hold you back



Experience Phenomenal Results


Get complete relief from or reduce


  • Sadness, Unhappiness, Hopelessness
  • Fear of Flying, Public Speaking, Driving, Animals and more...
  • Traumatizing Memories
  • Addictive Habits, e.g., Overeating, Smoking, Hand-washing and more...
  • Procrastination, Frustration
  • Stress and Anxiety



Breakthrough Sessions

Discover the Power of NLP and Hypnosis


Resolution NLP & Hypnosis is your key to personal development or getting back on track. Get a friendly, rewarding experience. Tim Marshall, certified NLP and Hypnosis Trainer creates a strong sense of capability and trust with his clients, achieving a powerful, co-operative spirit  that yields faster, more complete progress.


          • Personal growth

          • Achieve your goals

          • Attain inner peace

          • Gain personal power

          • Build powerful self-esteem and self-confidence





Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Relieve stress and anxiety. Tim's mastery of NLP and Hypnosis is very effective at helping people reduce Stress and Anxiety. Your existing thoughts and feelings that have been triggers for stress, anxiety, and maybe depression, can simply go away after just a few sessions. You will naturally feel greater confidence and exuberance while significantly eliminating the need for medication.


Related physical symptoms can disappear as well, e.g. nervousness, sleeping issues, sweating,  hyperventilation. In addition you begin to experience significant improvements in your senses of self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and appreciation.





Reduce Depression


Hypnosis and NLP for Depression relief. When you feel punishing sadness, unhappiness or hopelessness that interferes with your day-to-day living you may be experiencing a form of Depression. In addition you may tend to blame yourself or others for these feelings. You might also experience related physical symptoms, e.g. procrastination, sluggishness, aches, pains, tiredness and/or insomnia and feel powerless to do anything about it.


Tim Marshall's use of Hypnotherapy and NLP is amazingly effective. He has the expertise to help you change old responses into better ones, feelings of joy and exuberance. Be productive once again. NLP and Hypnosis are proven successful. You can enjoy long-lasting relief usually with astonishingly fast results, and gain freedom from medication. As he helps improve your overall  well-being, your appreciation of people and the world around improves markedly, as can your appetite.






Some Common Fears and Phobias

  • Public Speaking
  • Flying
  • Driving
  • Social Phobia
  • Heights
  • Spiders
  • Clowns


Overcome irrational fear. Stop Anxiety and Panic. Fears and phobias first occur usually without our knowing it. Get relief from any accompanying muscular tension, the sweats, weak muscles, dizziness, poor concentration, etc. Confidence and comfort can easily replace your present responses.


Can you imagine living a life with overall mental, emotional and  physical well-being? With markedly improved appreciation for people and the world you live in? And with a healthy appetite? Tim can help you get there.


Have you ever watched a Hypnotherapist or NLP Coach such as Tony Robbins help someone overcome a phobia or fear? Tony successfully helped one of his seminar attendees overcome her phobia of snakes. Within 1 session she easily overcame her fear so well; she then began holding that snake with a smile on her face.


This is one of innumerable examples that demonstrate how effectively Tim Marshall’s use of NLP and Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears.






Stop Obsessing. You can experience tremendous relief from compulsive behaviors and thinking through the use of NLP and Hypnois. The two methods complement each other well and are powerfully effective at reducing or eliminating


  • Over/Under Eating
  • Hand Washing
  • Purging
  • Nail Biting
  • Gambling
  • OCD and more.


Tim can help you stop obsessing, and end compulsions by re-training your mind to automatically respond in a suitable fashion.





Post Traumatic Stress


Symptoms of post traumatic stress are many. Frequently there are strong, irrepressible physical reactions and emotions are triggered, e.g. fear, sadness, anger, paranoia, shame. Fight or flight responses can be triggered before you can stop them. Sudden strong irrational physical reactions, muscular tension, heavy sweating, sluggishness, aches, pains, and/or insomnia can also occur.


Tim Marshall's use of NLP and Hypnosis is especially effective at alleviating emotions and responses related to post traumatic stress. Respond naturally. Terrifying flashbacks and dreams go away. Return to a life of peacefulness with normal reactions. Significant improvements to your senses of self-worth and confidence are also achieved.






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