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She Overcame Fear and more...


The idea of conquering fear used to give me the heebie-jeebies.

Inside a dark feeling of foreboding used to ensue. The breakthroughs that I experienced are still truly amazing, after only 3 sessions. Now (6 months later) the apprehension is gone. I never thought I would go public but I'm so entirely pleased with my relief that I first wrote about it and then later decided to post it.


In a light Hypnosis state, Tim had me discover my Timeline then venture out on it. He also had me trust my instincts which proved to be right on the money. :-)  With his guidance I ventured back to the time my fear was first created then was able to uncover profoundly useful ways to handling it. During the session the fear magically went  away entirely. It stopped. A powerful feeling of release just came all over me.


The whole process was utterly fascinating. I learned things about myself that I never knew before. With very little effort I'm able to put the pieces of my thinking together so much better than ever before.


I never knew it would be so easy. Tim made me feel very comfortable from the start. He made me believe that I could change. He is very positive and encouraging. His patience and the sound of his voice put me completely at ease, and most importantly I felt very safe. Although I had doubts at first, now I know, because I'm living proof.


On another note I’ve always had a lot of self-confidence and thought very highly of myself. I’m very accomplished. What else I gained was learning that I had distorted my concepts of self-image which unbeknownst to me had hindered me in other areas.  Once I realized how I had been affected and the brunt it's had on my relationships, I’ve been able to realize a more wholesome set of qualities that are positively impacting my attitudes towards my fellow-workers, people in general and in life itself.


I now foresee an even brighter future for myself as well as those around me. I've said it before, "Tim you're a gem."    Camille T., Account Executive, Advertising



Overcame Fear of Flying and

Fear of Riding Elevators


" Hypnosis is miraculous. It's been over a year now. I first went to Tim to get rid of the anxiety that steadily increased weeks before a flight and to stop taking prescription meds which no longer worked. I travel frequently for my job and avoided planes whenever I could. As a result I used to miss out on visiting out-of-town family and friends, unless my husband and I could drive there.


 Now I enjoy flying and traveling more than anytime in the past. I will not hesitate to reserve a flight and look forward to getting to my destination with peace of mind. Hypnosis and NLP work very well.

 Once again, I recently got Tim to help me overcome my fear of riding elevators. Now I ride them in peace. "  Charlene R., Executive Vice President



Reduced Fear and Stress in 2 Sessions


" After I had been in and out of therapy getting help from Psychologists and Psychiatrists for years, it seemed hard to believe that Mr. Marshall would be able to remove years of fear and negativity in only two sessions. After the first session I could tell that good things were happening inside me. What used to completely stress me out suddenly was reduced to an annoyance which I felt strong enough to do something about. A lot of my feelings have completely changed. Thanks for everything! " Paul A., Attorney



Reduced Performance Stress


" I'm so pleased by how quickly I saw results from working with Tim Marshall. I went to him for help with one issue and I keep going back for more because his methods work so well and I see changes in my life almost immediately. I rapidly uncovered issues I didn't consciously realize I had and was able to let go of beliefs that were no longer serving me. My self confidence, sense of self worth and personal power are growing without effort and new attitudes and beliefs seem as natural as the old ones that were previously keeping me stuck. One session with Tim is worth at least five sessions of other more traditional types of therapy; working with him is a shortcut to creating the life you want.

Tim is also easy to talk to, very open minded and non-judgmental. I highly recommend working with Tim if you want to get it touch with your true self and start moving in a direction in your life that is consistent with your own deepest truths and highest values. " Michelle G., Health Coach



From Social Anxiety to Socially Active


" I'm thoroughly sold on NLP and Hypnotherapy. Tim makes the change process smoother and easier than I could ever imagine. I used to dread being around people sometimes to the extent of sweating and panicing inside. After our first session I had none of the usual symptoms of near panic, no fears, no sweating, no anxieties. My train ride home that day on a crowded rush-hour train was the first totally comfortable experience I can remember in my 40 years. Tim asked many questions which made me believe that I can re-prioritize from numerous choices. Amazing! Many thanks. " Ed Y., Construction



Free from Self-Sabotage at Higher Income Levels


" Mr. Marshall understands what's needed to "create meaningful change" in a short time. He coached me and my business practices after making a series of disastrous business decisions. His questioning caused me to realize that I'd been my own worst enemy once I anticipated reaching a certain income. He guided me to work out new directions and strategies. Now that more profitable decisions are being made, I'm happy to say two sessions is all it took. Thank you so much."  Yolanda. L., Business Owner



Personal Development Coaching


" Tim has a wonderful knack for zeroing in on the real issue. I didn't know what to expect but left very satisfied and amazed by what happened. He let my process emerge when necessary and gave gentle guidance when needed. I am very greatful for the healing that happened painlessly and quickly. " Lisa M., Writer



 Enjoying Life Again After Ending a Relationship


" I lived in Romania and sought out Tim's online help. I was feeling very unhappy after the breakup with my former boyfriend. I am normally highly motivated but had lost all sense of direction and had no energy. The anxiety was so much that I almost became a shut-in.


 My online sessions with Dr. Tim were profoundly helpful. After a month of weekly sessions, I started a new life, in a new country. I'm much happier with my life now and have a wonderful new boyfriend. "  Juanita.O.



Overcame Past Trauma from Childhood Sexual Abuse


" I have had 6 sessions with Tim Marshall, and the transformation has been surprising. I am dealing with 30 years of PTSD from traumas that occurred when I was a very young woman. Recent traumas caused me to seek out his help, and I am very grateful that I did. The hypnotherapy, NLP and TimeLine Resolution have allowed me to let go of standards and beliefs that no longer serve me. The best thing is that all of the healing wisdom and information came from within me, and is the perfect answer to my challenges. The techniques that I am learning, and the wisdom that is being revealed, allow me to return to that stillness and knowingness whenever I need to.


I would highly recommend that you consider using Mr. Marshall if you want to let go of negative emotions such as anger, depression, fear, past trauma and for moving ahead in your career. " Stacey H., Musician



Free of Depression and Post Traumatic Stress


" Throughout my childhood I was traumatized by both parents. It seemed I was never good enough. Although I did well in school and professionally I later became severely depressed and could no longer function on my job or in relationships. Years of medicating my troubles helped at first, but the feelings once again became too overwhelming. Mr. Marshall worked with me for 2 months and I was able to go back to work and am happily functioning. :-) " Marla Y., Department Manager



From Depressed and Crying To Peace of Mind


" I was very, very sad, sometimes feeling depressed and hopeless. My life had meaning and purpose, but events in my past just wouldn't go away. I had been to see a Psychologist which was helpful. After a year of sessions, it seemed like a lot of talk and no more results. I met with a Psychiatrist but hated being on drugs that just made me feel bad in a different way.

 I was faced with continuing to live as I had been struggling through the motions of trying ot act happy on the outside while feeling terrible inside. Or I could explore alternative approaches. I decided to try NLP then found Tim Marshall. My first session was very eventful; I cried through it, but felt so much better after leaving. That week my daily bouts of crying was greatly reduced. After the second session I felt so much better and my daily crying went down a lot more.

 By the end of the fourth session, I cried no more. My mind was free. I felt so good that I went back into modeling and began pursuing my lifelong dream of starting my own business. Almost 5 years later I'm happy to report that I'm feeling well and doing well. My future outlook on life shines brightly. " Melissa T., business owner



Suffered from Depression and Grief after Losing Husband


" Three years ago after losing my husband, I found myself still grieving. I'd stopped socializing with friends and rarely left home. After just a few sessions with Mr. Marshall my depression was greatly reduced. Feeling more alive I actually look forward to joining friends and family and hearing what's going on in their lives. :) Thanks Mr. Tim! " Wendy F., Retired



Free of Anxiety, Daily Stress, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress


" It only took a month of NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions to start a new begining and leave the old cycle of anxiety, stress and depression behind. My old memories are no longer troublesome. I began to suffer in my adult years from depression resulting from being traumatized  as a child. The least little thing that didn't go my way used to stress me out. " Evelyn S., Administration



Stopped Procrastinating


" After being stagnant for several years, chasing dreams of going into businesses that never worked I decided to talk with someone who might be able to help me improve my decision-making. Tim Marshall coached me into understanding my delusions and my incongurencies. After a few sessions I decided to re-prioritize and attain economic stability. I did what I always dreaded and looked down on: I got a job and feel comfortable with it. Never again will I get sucked into Multi-Level Marketing. " Terry S., Business Owner



From Procrastination to Motivation


Hi Tim


" Just wanted to check in with you again and let u know everything is going great.  Feeling healthy, happy, strong, and optimistic!  Best i have felt in years.  Not sure if this is normal or not but i really had to hit rock bottom before I was able to reconstruct my life.  I feel blessed that my down turn was very short compared to many people, but i also worked very hard putting the pieces back together.  Weather got better, eating healthy, exercising daily, sleeping well, seeing you, socializing more, medication all played a critical role in my recovery. Ive lost about 25lbs and feeling very optimistic about the future once again! "


Keep in Touch, Brian W., Trader



Hand Washing, No More Fear of Germs


" I live in Oslo, Norway and one day hope to visit Chicago, USA. I needed help with a fear of germs which led me to washing my hands several times daily for no real reason, every time I touched certain things.


 I found Tim while doing an online search. I knew NLP works but wasn't sure how it would be for me living thousands of miles away. I'm happy to say it worked beautifully. After 6 sessions, 15 years of ritualized, compulsiive, needless hand-washing has stopped and I have no more fear of germs. "


 Gratitude,  Mary.R.,, Administrative Assistant



Compulsive Eating Habits are Now Normal


" Tim Marshall was recommended to me by my colleague for hypnosis. I had been dealing with a bad habit (addiction) for years that I had not been able to successfully stop and sustain. I had 3 sessions with Tim and no longer have urges or cravings. The anxiety of having a relapse is also gone. I am so very pleased with the results in such a short time. I am looking forward to getting healthy and excited about my future without that habit.


 Tim was compassionate and non-judgmental. He listened to my concerns and made me feel comfortable. " Cem. W., Teacher



Stopped Smoking in 3 Sessions


" I walked in a smoker and walked out a non-smoker. I heard but didn't quite believe in Hypnosis. I'm glad I tried it because now I'm smoke free for 4 months since my first session. It was totally effortless. " Jessica T., Mother



Stopped Smoking with Ease


" The way this works is unbelievable. Tim I can't thank you enough for your good work. I hope everyone starts using NLP to quit smoking. I'm so pleased that I'm thinking about how NLP can be used to correct some other areas of my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Sara C., Student


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