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Who says training has to be boring, & coaching is a slow process? We put fun, excitement into our certification trainings. Plus our coaching is so much fun and so effective  you ’ll be glad to know your problems,  “…done got up and went.” Aerosmith, 1975




Our trainings aren't broadcast all over the universe, but our student-experts know we're pretty stellar. They're amazed at their in-class personal growth and development. We make you smarter.


Master core principles and practices plus new  developments in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming plus Timeline Resolution. Gain powerful tools. Get certified. Register today.


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Is there no  light at the end of your tunnel? Or do do you want to get free from being stuck? Not knowing what comes next.


Hypnosis & NLP may not be the most popular games in-town. Yet you can notice results after your first session. Get more out of life! Start enjoying all of the success and fulfillment that you deserve. Get lasting relief from sadness, fear, anxiety, stress, PTSD & OCD symptoms plus low self-esteem.



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  " Tim’s presentation is totally fascinating and interesting. He had us captivated start to finish. And we learned so much about human potential. I had no idea NLP offered so much. It has certainly expanded my Model Of The World.” V. K.

" Tim has a wonderful knack for zeroing in on the real issue. I didn't know what to expect but left very satisfied and amazed by what happened. He let my process emerge when necessary and gave gentle guidance when needed. I am very grateful for the healing that happened painlessly and quickly. " L. M.


Tim Marshall, Master Coach

Hypnosis Trainer, NLP Trainer

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Tim Marshall's Certifications: Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Time Line Therapist, Master Coach

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